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What SOBEP is

The Brazilian Society of Stomatology (SOBEP) is a scientific nonprofit organization that brings together not only dentists from all over the country who are dedicated to Oral Diagnosis, but also professionals in related fields such as Pathology, Radiology, Dermatology, Otorhinolaryngology, Head and Neck Surgery, the Infectology and General Practice. 

The organization was founded in 1974, chiefly aiming to spread knowledge on the area, through congresses and seminars, for which we rely on close collaboration with our associates. Stomatology as a dental specialty was recognized by Resolution No. 181/92 by the Federal Councul of Dentistry (CFO).

A brief history of the Society ...

During the meeting held during the VI International Dental Congress of the APCD in the city of São Paulo, on January 24th, 1974, Semiology professionals coming from all over Brazil, took the first steps to create the SOBEP.  



March 7th, 1975

  SOBEP registration in the Registry Medeiros - Civil Registry of Legal Entities, 4th Region of Deeds and Documents in 64102, Book A on 03/07/75
I Brazilian Journey of Stomatology, held in São Paulo - Capital, July / 75  



1976 / 78

  The Stomatology theme as a dental specialty was discussed at several moments and days
Appointed by the president of the association, a working group having 3 members, to draft documents justifying the need for recognition of Stomatology as a Dental Specialty, to be presented, discussed and approved during the course of the V Brazilian Journey of Stomatology to be held in Curitiba - PR from 12th to 07/15/79  



July, 1979

  Presented and discussed in reasoning, issued by the Board with associates during the development of the V Congress, which results in official form will be forwarded to the CFO.
Letter forwarding with reasoning to the President of CFO, requesting recognition of Stomatology as a dental specialty.  



April 4th, 1990

  After one decade of struggles to recognize Stomatology as a dental specialty, the CFO at the Ordinary Meeting - Deliberation in plenary on 3 and 4 April 1990, and as CFO Resolution 167/90, art. 2, change the designation of the Oral Pathology to “Oral Pathology and Specialty” for Stomatology. This resolution did not please pathologists, let alone dentists; they saw no sense in this association of specialties
Protocoled in CROSP a request for separation of specialties with reasoning, justifying why such a fact.  

April 4th, 1990


February 15th, 1992

  Preparatory assembly in all states of Brazil to I ANEO, several proposals were for the separation of specialty formulated and discussed in several states of Brazil. In São Paulo, a curriculum structure was suggested for Stomatology as an autonomous specialty.
I ANEO - held from 17 to 20 April 1992, on the premises of the Hotel Gloria in Rio de Janeiro, joined by a huge number of colleagues from all states of Brazil. The topic was discussed preliminarily in the 4 preparation groups to the General Plenary. We got the approval to break down the specialty into 3 groups, with the the result submitted to General Plenary for further discussion and voting, and was finally approved the separation..  

April 20th, 1992


June 6th, 1992

  CFO Resolution 181/92, section XIV, art. 68 and 69, recognizes Stomatology as a dental specialty, respecting the democratic decisions taken in I ANEO.
Portaria CFO / 73 de 28.03.1995, concede registro no CFO à Sociedade Brasileira de Estomatologia.  

March 28th, 1995


November 2001

  II ANEO held in Manaus - AM. After discussion in 4 preparatory groups to the General Plenary, which was attended by several of our associates, the Stomatology Specialty was kept without any changes.
Award "Dr. Luiz Cesar Pannain" - Medal of merit. After our request to the Union of Dentists of the State of São Paulo, we were invited to attend the plenary meeting (to be held at the headquarters of the said union on 06/06/02) to choose the dentist who will be awarded the referred Honor Award in Stomatology specialty.  

March 11th, 2002

Prof. Dr. Gilberto Marcucci
President of SOBEP in 2000/02


A Sociedade Brasileira de Estomatologia e Patologia Oral (SOBEP) é uma entidade científica sem fins lucrativos,
que congrega cirurgiões-dentistas que se dedicam à prevenção, diagnóstico e tratamento das doenças da boca.