Divulgação de palestra - Prof. Willie van Heerden
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Divulgação de palestra - Prof. Willie van Heerden

Prezados sócios,

Encaminhamos abaixo o convite do prof. Willie F. P. van Heerden da University of Pretoria enviado gentilmente para todos os sócios da SOBEP.

Diretoria SOBEP.

Dear Colleagues,

Just a friendly reminder of the talk to given by Dr Falko Fend tomorrow. Always great to listen to one of the great haematolymphoid experts around! The details of the meeting are below.

All the best

As part of the Invited Guest Lecture Series of the Department of Oral Pathology and Oral Biology at the University of Pretoria, we are pleased to invite you to an online lecture to be presented by Dr Falko Fend entitled: “Pearls and pitfalls in hematopathology with focus on the head and neck region”

This promises to be a learning opportunity not to be missed.

Date: Thursday 19 May 2022

Time: 10:00 in Baltimore, 07:00 Pacific Time, 09:00 in Dallas, 11:00 in Piracicaba and Rio de Janeiro, 15:00 in London, 16:00 in Germany and 16:00 in Pretoria

Zoom link: https://up-ac-za.zoom.us/j/3430518375?pwd=dEJzTzBtcFdqVytGVHQzTWoyc0ZzUT09

Looking forward to your online presence. You are welcome to share this invitation among your colleagues and students.


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