V Simposio Internacional Avances en Cancer Oral, Bilbao, Espanha, 10 e 11 de julho de 2014
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V Simposio Internacional Avances en Cancer Oral, Bilbao, Espanha, 10 e 11 de julho de 2014

  Dear colleague,    The Department of Stomatology II, the Odontology Clinical Service, and the UFI 11/25 of the University of the Basque Country/EHU,
in collaboration with the Spanish Society of Oral Medicine and the Iberoamerican Academy of Buccal Pathology and Medicine, has the
great pleasure to inform you about the V International Symposium "Advances in Oral Cancer" that will be held in the University of the
Basque Country/EHU  in Bilbao Bizkaia (Spain) on the 10th and 11th of July 2014.

Preliminar Program

10th July, morning: Workshops Advances in Oral Cancer

9.00-13.30 h

  • Workshop 1: Early diagnosis of oral cancer. Dr. R. Cerero (Spain) / Dr. G. Esparza (Spain)
  • Workshop 2: Histopathology of oral and maxillofacial malignant neoplasms. Dr. A. Mosqueda (Mexico)* (limited places)
  • Workshop 3: Oral management of patients with cancer. Dr. F. Alves (Brasil) / Dr. F.J. Silvestre (Spain) * (limited places)

10th July, afternoon: Clinicopathological Session

14.30-18.00 h

Small malignant neoplasms from the oral and maxillofacial area
9 Cases: Dr. J. V. Bagán (Spain), Dr. O. Paes de Almeida (Brasil), Dr. W. Delgado (Peru).

11th July, morning: Conferences

9.00-13.30 h

-. Oral cancer: tobacco, alcohol, and….. Dr. X. Castellsagué (Spain)
-. Role of microRNAs in oral cancer. Dr. T. Liloglou (UK)
-. Role of HPV infection in oral cancer. Dr. S. Syrjänen (Finland)
-. Possibilities of photodynamic therapy in oral precancer and cancer. Dr. B.I.B. Tan (Netherlands)

11th July, afternoon: Conferences

14.30-17.30 h

-. Challenges of oral cancer surgery. Dr. L.P. Kowalsky (Brasil)
-. Histopathologic risk factors of oral squamous cell carcinoma variants. Dr. S. El-Mofty (USA)
-. Oral potentially malignant disorders: is malignant transformation predictable and preventable? Dr. I. van der Waal (Netherlands)

20.30 h. Closing Dinner

12 th July, morning: Popular Race “Watch your mouth – Prevents cancer”


*There will be simultaneous translation english-spanish-english translation in the afternoon session of the 10th and morning and afternoon sessions of the 11th.

For more information please contact: voralcancersymp@gmail.com

Call for poster: The abstract submission deadline is 31st of May, 2014.

Looking forward to see you on this special occasion, Sincerely yours, Dr. José M. Aguirre
Unidades de Medicina Bucal, Patología Oral y Maxilofacial
Servicio Clínica Odontológica
Facultad de Medicina y Odontología
Universidad del País Vasco EHU
Leioa 48940. Vizcaya. España. (Spain)



A Sociedade Brasileira de Estomatologia e Patologia Oral (SOBEP) é uma entidade científica sem fins lucrativos,
que congrega cirurgiões-dentistas que se dedicam à prevenção, diagnóstico e tratamento das doenças da boca.